How Do I Place an order?

Perhaps placing an order is fairly simple:

  1. First head over to our products section and either select the type of product you want to purchase.
  2. Next Click the one you desire and it will tell you all that is included in the product description.
  3. Thirdly, we will have special options to select such as (Sizing, colors,  etc..)
  4. Lastly, click add to cart and proceed on to checkout and the payment method you would like to use.

Are We Legitimate?

Please feel safe when dealing with us. We have plenty of deals done in the past and will show you if desiring more proof. We post deals on Facebook and also have vouches. Just trust us on the job and we will satisfy!

Payment Methods?

We mainly accept PayPal and Debit/Credit cards. PayPal is indeed the safest payment method we use, to create an account please visit www.PayPal.com.

But I Don't  have PayPal what now?

if you don't have PayPal and don't or can't sign up, go to our checkout page and click check out with PayPal then click 'check out as PayPal guest' once you get to the PayPal screen, this will allow you to use your Visa card or other debit cards to pay for product.

Other currencies?

Yes we accept currencies from other countries. For PayPal it automatically converts it into USD (United States Dollar).

100% Satisfaction?

Yes, if we happen to fail to deliver your products you will be refunded.

Defective Product?

If a product is claimed to be malfunctioned or destroyed by delivery, then within 14 days the buyer has to provide appropriate proof and if they do, a refund or replacement will be issued.

How Long will it Take For Order to Arrive?

United States Shipping: 1-3 Weeks

International Shipping: 2-4 Weeks

Can I Cancel An Order?

Yes, but only before it has been processed and shipped. After it has been shipped there is no possible way to cancel.